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 Design,  Project Management, Carpentry & Cabinet Making



Design with the client is the first and my favourite step. This initial conversation maybe discussing something as small as the choice of internal door styles and which way they will swing, or as large as a complete house refurbishment along with additional spaces. Its extremely rewarding and exciting, brain storming and developing new ideas for the benefit of my clients lives and livlihoods. 

Project Management

I pride myself on punctuality and have the experience and organisational skills to run projects that require more than my individual craftsmanship. Im a firm believer in the term 'master craftsman' as opposed to jack of all. So naturally prefer to bring a team of individual tradesman together to complete a well delivered, high quality finished the project together. In this i am extremely competent and managing for my clients.

Carpentry & Cabinetry

My initial education and experience in the construction industry has come from 13 years working as a carpenter and cabinet maker. This has given me many valuable experiences through the construction of a building to the interior finishing, detailing and furniture of a home. I still really enjoy a hands on approach and the experience allows me to offer lots of advice.




Good Design a Well managed project and quality well thought out craftsmanship is what I strive to provide.


Louis Meredith



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